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ASP Date/Time Extension

Fresh out of Paul Davis’ bit farms, the ASP Date and Time extension for Dreamweaver, mirroring his previous PHP Date and Time extension. Good stuff, and the price is even better… free!

Director MX 2004 Online Seminars

Two free online seminars will be made available for Director MX 2004- one on DVD features in particular, and another on using Director MX 2004 alongside Flash MX 2004 and integrating the two environments. Definitely a must-see if you’re interested in either topic (they will be repeated next month for those who can’t make this week)- you can get more details and sign up here.
(note- the times are listed in US Eastern and US Pacific times, so international folks- you’ll definitely want to confirm local times in your area.)

Three FAQs from

One of the best parts of Community Week (in my opinion) was that I got to hear a lot of questions from our customers, and fortunately the new Developer Center update partially helps me make good on at least three questions I heard regularly this week:

Q) Where can I get more information/tutorials on layouts and positioning using CSS?
A) First, check out Jojo’s new article on exactly that subject at the MM Developer Center. Secondly, dive deep into Project Seven’s Tutorials– Al and Gerry have been trailblazing CSS for years now and have a lot of great info for you to soak up on their site. If you’re still wondering how and why CSS can help you develop effective site designs, check out the CSS Zen Garden, and note how a little CSS can go a long, long way in making clean, reusable, easily updated site designs.

Q) Any suggestions or hints for updating my legacy ColdFusion apps to ColdFusion MX?
A) Check out Jedi Master Ray Camden’s tips on exactly that subject, here on the Macromedia Developer Center.

Q) How can I connect Flash to a back-end PHP application server?
A) I’d normally recommend Flash Remoting as the easiest way to do this, but that does require ColdFusion MX as your app server. For using stock Flash MX 2004 Pro to exchange data with a PHP/mySQL database using XML, check out Sajid Saiyed’s Developer Center tutorial. I’d also recommend looking into either amfphp, or PHPObject as two open source remoting solutions on top of PHP/mySQL. Sephiroth’s site is a goldmine of information on this subject as well- make sure to bookmark it!

Hope the above links/references are of interest- enjoy!

– Recap

First, major props to all the folks who packed into the Macrochats this week- it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun a Community Week without such overwhelming support from our communities! I only regret I couldn’t talk personally with all the people who sent us kind notes and feedback- but we’re definitely noting all the suggestions for future events.

On that note- what did you like/dislike about Community Week? Any suggestions for how we could improve next time? Did the Breeze Live format work well for you? Feel free to leave your comments here and I’ll be sure to pass them on to the rest of the team.

New ColdFusion Macrochat

Hot off the presses, a last-minute Macrochat has been added to the lineup for tomorrow- and it should be a good one:

12:00pm PST/3:00 pm EST tomorrow (5/19)
Ben Forta, Tim Buntel and Dave Gruber talk CF Shop.
Bring your ColdFusion questions to this Macrochat:

WWUG Preso

Just got out of the second Worldwide User Group meeting, and it was a really good one. Leading off was Jeff Whatcott, giving an overview of Macromedia’s roadmap for the coming year. Next up was a sneak peek of the next version of ColdFusion (code named ‘Blackstone’) by CF product manager Tim Buntel. Rounding out the afternoon were presos by Lawson Hancock on the next version of Contribute, and Bill Schulze featuring the next version of Central. Definitely a good time had by all!

Tomorrow will be a jam-packed day of presos- starting with Greg Rewis showcasing CSS design in Dreamweaver (a must-see if you’re remotely interested in CSS), Lawson Hancock with a preso on publishing using Contribute, a great session on video in Director by Tom Higgins, and of course- a breakdown on customizing and extending Dreamweaver by Team Macromedia powerhouse Danilo Celic.

Check the Community Site for specifics, make sure to sign up early!

Worldwide User Group Meeting

Just a reminder if you haven’t already heard from other sources- the second of three Worldwide User Group meetings is at 4pm PST today. Today’s sessions will be a special opportunity to get a peek into the Macromedia R&D labs, and some of the treats in store that may (or may not) show up in future product releases. You can get more details here at the MacroChat schedule, although you’ll need to be at your local Macromedia User Group to see the presentation- they will not be shown online to the general public as with the other MacroChats! Hope to see you there, of course…

– Day Two

A big thanks to everyone who dropped into the Dreamweaver Design preso Dominic Sagolla and I hosted yesterday evening (along with Mimi Rosenheim MC’ing)! What a great group of people and questions- it was a blast thru and thru. You can find a link to the session recording on the Community Blog if you missed it yesterday. FYI- I’m the guy on the left, Dominic is up-front and close on the right.

Today we’ve got some sessions on Flex, RoboDemo and Dreamweaver- make sure to check out today’s session details on the Community blog as well as the Community Week website and register early!

Designing With Dreamweaver

Checked out the Community Week Macrochats at the site yet today? If not, why not? They’re going on all week, and cover a wide range of good topics. For example, in about an hour.5 you’ll have a chance to squeeze in and ask some questions of the Dreamweaver team regarding design in DWMX 2004. I’ll be there helping to MC the session, so look forward to seeing you there!

You can find the entire Macrochat schedule here.

Pulp Fiction Released

Not the Tarentino flick, but a fresh tidbit for the Mac crowd- a new RSS/Atom feedreader called Pulp Fiction. If you’re a ‘blogspace-commander’ and want to check out the latest- bang the link and give it a go. I really like it’s consistent Apple interface and Applescript-ability, and will probably be switching off NetNewsWire shortly, gven how cool PF has been so far.