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In case you hadn’t noticed

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, next week is ‘Community Week‘ at Macromedia. What’s Community Week? It’s how we’re showing our appreciation for our rich online communities, a subject near and dear to my heart as a community manager here at Macromedia. All next week we’ll be hosting free ‘Macrochats‘ with product experts (both from inside Macromedia as well as third-party presenters), not to mention a Worldwide User Group meeting (broadcast to your local user group- check the link for availability in your area) that will offer sneak peeks into upcoming Macromedia technologies and developments. I’ll be in quite a few of the Macrochats (and helping host the 4pm PST Dreamweaver team session), so I hope to virtually see you there!

Opera 7.5 Released

For the browser compatibility crowd- Opera 7.5 was just released, and for the first time offers feature parity between the Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Other features of Opera 7.5 include RSS and NNTP newsreaders, an IRC client, email client with spam filtering, a contact manager, and a revised UI. Pretty solid upgrade so far, IMHO (although I’m personally not ready to leave my preferred IE Win/Safari Mac combination behind…).

Active Content – redux

In the “eyebrow-raised” category, Eolas has prompted a new reexamination of their suit against Microsoft over their claim to the patent on ’embedded media’ in web browsers. Although right now there’s no signs of Microsoft making changes to Internet Explorer in the near future, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this as it (continues to) develop…

Persistent Page Indicators

Most web sites use some form of visual indicator (breadcrumbs, ‘down’ state for buttons, highlighted text, etc.) to show the page or site area the user is currently upon. However, when trying to manage these indicators in large sites driven by Dreamweaver templates, the situation deteriorates quickly. You would need to put the ‘indicators’ in an editable region of the page so that it could be hand-tweaked for every site area- but this makes these ‘static’ site elements subject to end-user editing and the inevitable errors that ensue.

Fortunately, Stephanie Sullivan has written up a slick way of managing this all via CSS, without the need to make your indicators editable. You can read through Stephanie’s tutorial here, over at the Nemesis project web site.

Serializer Class

Hot off Sephiroth’s bit-presses- a rather cool Serializer class that lets you serialize/deserialize complex data to and from PHP remotely. Also up in complimentary fashion, a tutorial on custom-binding a PHP object to a Flash DataGrid using the Serializer class. Nice!

G5s and Mariah Carey

What do these two performers have in common? At least in regards to the dual 1.8GhZ model G5 Macintosh, that would be a Mariah-esque high-pitched whine while at work. Reportedly DWMX 2004 is affected by this issue- you can read Apple’s comments and suggestions at MacWorld UK website– current prognosis is that the noise is power supply-related, and suggestions from Apple are to either replace the power supply (check your warranty!) or adjust the Energy Saver prefs to reduce the noise. Interesting- I’ll be keeping an eye on this….

Got CSS-P?

If not, then you’ll want to check out Al Sparber and Project Seven’s “Quick Draw MacFly” tutorial- a quick romp through creating your first CSS-P-driven site. If you’ve been lightly-tiptoeing around Dreamweaver MX 2004’s great new CSS features, this is an ideal place to start getting your feet fully submerged!

Hello, World.

Greetings from the ether(net)!
It’s admittedly a bit daunting to be in the presence of such master-Macrobloggers as Mike, Christian and JD, but I’m glad to be on board helping to blog what I’m seeing and hearing across the Macromedia communities. My deep sense of curiosity well outweighs my need for self-imposed boundaries- so expect to see a lot of topics showing up in this ‘blog, although I’ll try to keep them related to Macromedia’s products and communities as best I can. ;-)

Who am I? I’ve been with Macromedia since 2000 (for the most part), and started out as the first ‘community manager’ for Dreamweaver before Matt Brown took the reins in mid-2001 and I went on to work for Jeremy Allaire on the MM web team. I’m now back in the community manager slot, after taking a little ’round-trip’ thru the company.

Before my years at Macromedia, I was a studio musician (primarily bass, guitar and vocals) and directed web/online development at MetaCreations, a (now defunct) Santa Barbara-based graphics software company that was best known for Bryce, Kai’s Power Tools and Painter before they were sold to Corel in 2000. I spent from 1994-2000 building intranet and extranet sites there, using everything from Perl to ASP to ColdFusion to JSP. After Meta folded in December of 1999, I had a few good conversations with the DW team regarding the new extensibility API in DW 3, and… well, that moved me up to Macromedia in San Francisco. My prior experience is admittedly mostly with Dreamweaver, Flash and the other Studio products, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with Flex and Breeze lately – great products, both.

So- hello, Macroworld!
Please bookmark this page- I’m really just getting started…