Pulp Fiction Released

Not the Tarentino flick, but a fresh tidbit for the Mac crowd- a new RSS/Atom feedreader called Pulp Fiction. If you’re a ‘blogspace-commander’ and want to check out the latest- bang the link and give it a go. I really like it’s consistent Apple interface and Applescript-ability, and will probably be switching off NetNewsWire shortly, gven how cool PF has been so far.

2 Responses to Pulp Fiction Released

  1. seancorfield says:

    I tried it and, yes, it’s a lovely interface but it locked up on me three times in about ten minutes! :(I couldn’t find any way in the Lite version to filter RSS entries directly into folders. I’ll be sticking with NetNewsWire for now!

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    Yikes! I haven’t had any crashes/locks yet myself, but then again I’ve only logged 2 days with PF so I’m still optimistic. I also haven’t even started on the filtering features (but will this afternoon), so will keep ya posted.It should be noted that I certainly have not uninstalled NetNewsWire yet, as the jury’s still out… ;)