Three FAQs from

One of the best parts of Community Week (in my opinion) was that I got to hear a lot of questions from our customers, and fortunately the new Developer Center update partially helps me make good on at least three questions I heard regularly this week:

Q) Where can I get more information/tutorials on layouts and positioning using CSS?
A) First, check out Jojo’s new article on exactly that subject at the MM Developer Center. Secondly, dive deep into Project Seven’s Tutorials– Al and Gerry have been trailblazing CSS for years now and have a lot of great info for you to soak up on their site. If you’re still wondering how and why CSS can help you develop effective site designs, check out the CSS Zen Garden, and note how a little CSS can go a long, long way in making clean, reusable, easily updated site designs.

Q) Any suggestions or hints for updating my legacy ColdFusion apps to ColdFusion MX?
A) Check out Jedi Master Ray Camden’s tips on exactly that subject, here on the Macromedia Developer Center.

Q) How can I connect Flash to a back-end PHP application server?
A) I’d normally recommend Flash Remoting as the easiest way to do this, but that does require ColdFusion MX as your app server. For using stock Flash MX 2004 Pro to exchange data with a PHP/mySQL database using XML, check out Sajid Saiyed’s Developer Center tutorial. I’d also recommend looking into either amfphp, or PHPObject as two open source remoting solutions on top of PHP/mySQL. Sephiroth’s site is a goldmine of information on this subject as well- make sure to bookmark it!

Hope the above links/references are of interest- enjoy!