Confessions of a Gmail late bloomer

So, I finally hopped off the fence and got a Gmail account yesterday (much thanks to John Olson on the FlashLounge list), and so far am very, very impressed. The biggest advantage of Gmail – to me – is it’s search features- I use Outlook for my main email client, and have gotten accustomed to pruning back my archives every month to avoid getting bit by onerous server space quotas. Hence, any real historical searching for discussion across lists tends to be thru Google anyway. Obviously I can’t use Gmail for all my lists (as I’d likely break that 1 gig limit quickly), but my intent is to at least use it for the ones I refer to regularly so I can leverage the searching/indexing features. Sweet. However, given my current rate of disk space consumption, I’m likely to run out of space in 2 months or so and be back in the same boat. Not so sweet. Hope they eventually roll out premium options for increasing disk space- I’d gladly pay for the Gmail features on top of, say 10 gigs of storage space (which I’m sure I could find a way to use up).

I cannot speak more highly of the Gmail UI/experience, tho- the keyboard shortcuts work flawlessly for me on both platforms, and with the possible exception of better filtering/filing options (filtering messages into subdirectories, for example), it’s been very intuitive to navigate my account and mail. Far more so than Hotmail/Yahoo mail, IMHO.

The only feature I’d really like to see in the near future (probably not a revelation to any current Gmail user) would be POP access to my Gmail account, in lieu of a better way to get pinged when I receive new mail. No similar options yet that I’m aware of for Macs (let me know if you hear of any- please!), but in lieu of POP access to Gmail I’m trying out the third-party app Gtray on my PC laptop to get notification of new Gmail. There’s also the well-recieved Pop Goes the GMail available, which I’ll likely try out soon just for sake of comparison.

So far, two thumbs up from this late adopter…

7 Responses to Confessions of a Gmail late bloomer

  1. Kevin Evans says:

    On a Mac you can get gCount which does a similar job to Gtray and lives in the menu bar.

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    Nice- thanks for the tip, Kevin! Downloading it now…

  3. Felix says:

    How much email can you read? If you are filling a gig every 2 months, you must be a busy guy!

  4. Scott Fegette says:

    Way, way too much email. I’m a glutton ;-)(seriously, I subscribe to far more mailing lists than I can actually read in any given day, hence Gmail’s search importance to me- I want to pull all my listserv mail into Gmail and then search as needed for related topics of interest/etc.)

  5. Scott Fegette says:

    Thx for the link/opposing views, Max… I suppose if searching wasn’t an issue there would be a lot of other alternatives for me to consider. I just haven’t found any other service that searches nearly as well as Google for me (particularly at the volume I’m considering), so hey- your mileage may indeed vary…!

  6. Max Thrane says:

    Mail client I’m using (The Bat!) have the most advanced search engine it is possible to imagine in a mail client. Used that app for past 3-4 years now and can only recommend it.But if you’re talking only about web-based services and search functionality in them, then yes, I’m agreed, Gmail is very good at it.