DOOM Reloaded

Some very nice work with the Shockwave 3D engine by Necromanthus- DOOM Reloaded is a remake of everyone’s favorite 1st-person shooter game, completely in SW3D. No enemies in the game yet, but I must pass Necro my kudos for a great job ‘reloading’ the DOOM environment and physics models so far. When do we get some levels? I want to frag a demon or three. ;-)

14 Responses to DOOM Reloaded

  1. Hitman says:

    Impressive !I’m waiting for more

  2. Necromanthus also has other great games, both Flash and Shockwave. Impressive indeed.Best regards,Burak

  3. Nostradamus says:

    I love doom.but I wanna kill some monsters

  4. andy says:

    how can I get that yellow key ?damn.

  5. jurrien says:

    how can I get that yellow key ?Jurrien

  6. Sounds like that’s a question for Necromanthus, Jurrien! ;-)(it’s been quite a while since I played Doom Reloaded- I’ve been working through Doom 3/XBox these days. )

  7. Necromanthus says:

    for Andi :pick up the red key, open that “secret” door, push that button and you’ll see a platform.After that … John Carmack’s head is your target !

  8. Awesome- thanks, Necro!

  9. Necromanthus says:

    Glad to hear Scott.To be honest,the IMP is prepared for over 6 months,but … not enough spare time for these kind of things.Also the engine for Warcarft 3 Reloaded is full functional,but I have to smash Vivendi’s stronghold first of all (a bunch of morons there).We’ll see …best regardsRemus M

  10. Dany says:

    How Do you get the blue key? Please someone reply.

  11. doomer says:

    check out the middle part of the walls (the wolfenstein map).you’ll find 2 secret doors.

  12. Shane Hubert says:

    What do i do after i found the blue key? And then tell me what to do to get past it? Cause im very confused in this level.

  13. rack says:

    how the hell do you get that blue key on the second level with the nazi logos? asap please

  14. Hey, guys- for gameplay tips you may want to ask Necromanthus directly at his site, as I’m playing SOCOM 3/PSP these days. Closing comments…