OT: My next gadget…

Fresh off the FlashLounge list- it looks like a Swiss Army knife, but stores files like a USB microdrive. Their 128mb version isn’t coming out until July, at which time I’ll be retiring my tired old Leatherman Micra posthaste.

8 Responses to OT: My next gadget…

  1. stacey says:

    I saw that in the latest issue of Popular Science mag. That rocks. The best part, is that the microdrive is removable!! So no worries when you check through security at the airport.

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    It’s a REMOVABLE microdrive? Nice. I think the deal just got sweeter… :D

  3. stacey says:

    thats what popular science told me:)

  4. seancorfield says:

    The datasheet shows how the drive snaps out of the knife (so you can upgrade the drive on its own).Seehttp://www.swissbit.com/file/2/ct_621_ctDownload1.pdf

  5. In the PDF available there it says:And should you need more storage spaceor if your memory ever needs replacement,you can quickly and easily remove thestorage part (patents pending) and click-ina higher capacity or another module.

  6. Guess I was late….

  7. Very cool. I’d seen these before, but didn’t know the drive was removable until reading these comments. That kind of cinches the deal for me.BTW, I bought a Micra too, but was disappointed with it, and replaced it very quickly with a Leatherman Squirt S4:http://www.leatherman.com/products/tools/s4/default.aspIt’s a huge improvement. The tools are accessible from the outside, it’s much better built and designed, and it comes in several cool colors. Of course, my favorite is their big brother: The ultimate Victorinox SwissTool:http://www.swissknifeshop.co.uk/swisstool.html

  8. Scott Fegette says:

    Nice- the Squirt is *definitely* better than the Micra. Not sure I have need to go up to the big brother yet, tho (but that is one impressive piece of Swiss engineering)…