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Dreamweaver/PHP Tutorials

I keep hearing general requests for more Dreamweaver/PHP content on the Macromedia web site across my various online travels, but few specific topics that people are interested in. I’d love to provide a good focused list of topics to our editors for consideration, so what do you think- what PHP topics would you like to see covered in relation to Dreamweaver? Fire away and I’ll make sure they get to the right eyes…

Palm-sized Desktop?

OQO announced a Palm-sized computer capable of running Windows XP at CES 2004, and the preliminary stats are impressive. Based on a 1ghz Crusoe processor, 256 megs of RAM and a 20 gig hard drive, this little powerhouse reportedly also includes a built-in keyboard, slide-out display, onboard 802.11b and Bluetooth, USB 1.1 and FireWire ports, it can also take stylus input and docks neatly for recharging and use as a (miniscule) desktop, supporting up to 1280×1024 external monitor resolutions. And all for a price between $1500 and $2000 USD, a solution that could drop into your shirt pocket and replace your PDA/laptop in one fell swoop. Interesting- I’ll be keeping an eye on that for sure…

DOOM Reloaded

Some very nice work with the Shockwave 3D engine by Necromanthus- DOOM Reloaded is a remake of everyone’s favorite 1st-person shooter game, completely in SW3D. No enemies in the game yet, but I must pass Necro my kudos for a great job ‘reloading’ the DOOM environment and physics models so far. When do we get some levels? I want to frag a demon or three. ;-)

Toshiba’s 60GB 1.8″ drive

Toshiba today announced plans to release a 1.8 inch, 60GB hard drive in the third quarter of 2004. The former high-capacity leader in their 1.8 inch HD line (40GB) used two disc platters of 20GB each, and the new model uses two disc platters of 30GB each. First customers placing orders include Apple Computer, so one can expect we’ll see 60GB iPods hitting the market soon.

New Audio CD/DRM Technology

According to, the recording industry is working on new DRM technology that would limit the number of CD copies that can be burned from the original source. Although I’ll respectfully withhold from personal opinions on this for the moment, it’s interesting to watch how the tail is wagging the dog these days in the recording industry. The implications to online download services such as Napster, iTunes and others should inevitably start to convolute matters, as current arrangements with the labels currently allow for unlimited burning of purchased audio downloads.

OT: ‘Meatspace Cataloging’

I spent a good two months ripping and cataloging my gigantic CD collection onto a half-terabyte of hard drive space a year ago, often wondering if and when a good way of organizing/categorizing my physical collections of books, games and movies would be possible- without requiring weeks of typing. Well, it doesn’t address digital conversion/storage (and appears to be available for Mac OSX only), but now Intelli’s Cordless Collector is out- a Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner that lets you scan the barcode data on your videos, DVDs, games and music, transferring them in batches of 250 at a time (it’s onboard memory restriction) to their ‘Collection’ desktop software for further organization/cover art retrieval/online lookups. Interesting- given the amount of HD space I’ve already allotted to my stupidly-monstrous CD collection, I suppose this may be a reasonable next step…