Webforum downtime, redux

As JD posted earlier today (thx, JD!), there’s been some downtime with the Macromedia web forums this week that’s currently expected to extend a little longer- ETA for their return is still being sorted out. There’s been very heavy database load this week due to increased overall site traffic which required the web forums (the most performance-intensive application on MM.com) to be brought down in order to help minimize the load.

However, the NNTP/newsreader interface remains open for business, and I’ll post updates on the situation with the web interface as I hear ’em going forward. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience in the interim, please keep posted…

4 Responses to Webforum downtime, redux

  1. dave ross says:

    I was really hoping they were getting upgraded, as they are probably least usable forums out there that I know of.My favorite is when you spend longer than 20 min writing a post, you submit and you just go back to the post without your new entry… no notification that you timed out or anything.I can understand a few hours of downtime, but several days is a little much, no? (especially if it was “planned” downtime)

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    There are indeed forums upgrades in progress, but this downtime was not planned in the least, and is actually more of a preventative measure for the MM application cluster as a whole due to the amount of load the forums generate. Trust me, when we do a planned forums upgrade you’ll hear about it well in advance.

  3. Not a very promising endorsement of FuseTalk under load is it?

  4. Scott Fegette says:

    Database issue, not really a FuseTalk issue.