Flash 7.2 Updater

That’s right- the Ellipsis (Flash 7.2) updater has been sighted, and is now publicly available from the Macromedia web site. You can get it while it’s hot right here. While you’re downloading the updater, be sure to read through Mike Chambers’ article on the significance of Ellipsis, which contains a plethora of information on the updater itself. There’s even more articles available to support the Ellipsis release, including a piece by Erick Vera on how documentation updates (in particular) were approached for Ellipsis, based on overwhelming user feedback- and an article by Team Macromedia member Chafic Kazoun on Skinning Flash MX 2004 Components– a rather frequently-asked question, IMHO. All these articles and more are available from the Developers Center– enjoy!