Flugtag and Flash Video – Tomorrow!

Interested in watching home-made, human-powered flying machines launching themselves off a short ramp into the sky (or more often- the water)? If so, this is the event for you. (And if not, it’s probably still worth watching.)
Red Bull has agreed to broadcast their Saturday, July 31 (1 PM PST) Flugtag event in Portland, Oregon live using Flash Video and the all-new FVSS Live streaming service from VitalStream. You’ll be able to switch between three live camera angles during the event, as well as watch clips on “aircraft” construction- and the teams who are competing.

So- if you’re even remotely interested tomorrow- just click the link above and enjoy watching crazy inventors and homespun aviators attempt to fly- while the Wright Brothers are undoubtedly rolling in their graves. (Note: in case you can’t view the event live, it will reportedly be archived for later viewing.)

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