OT- 2 Email Utilities

In this digital world, email flows quite freely and can pile up equally as fast. As such, I wanted to highlight one free/donationware utility for Mac, one commercial utility for Windows- both for dealing with email, something I do an increasing amount of day-to-day. I’ve been trying to avoid OT blog posts lately, but will succumb to internal demons just this once…

First up, X1 Search, a $99 utility for Windows (I really wish this was available for Macs, too- alas, if only LaunchBar indexed email messages this way). What justifies the $99? X1 lets you very quickly search through email messages, file attachments and/or contacts. I was very skeptical, until Alexandru and Bogdan from InterAKT gave me a live demo in a local SF eatery. The discussion had started around Dreamweaver APIs, but once we started trying to refer to earlier discussions, the topic quickly morphed into how difficult it can be to quickly locate random conversations out of our HUGE volumes of archived email. In the next 2 minutes I became an X1 convert. X1 Search runs reasonably silent (a systray icon belies it’s presence) and can be put in ‘auto-hide’ mode across the top of your screen to quickly access it- and in so doing, your years-worth of archived email. X2 supports Outlook, OE, Eudora and Netscape Mail on Windows. If you use any of these clients on Windows and are frequently trying to locate that ‘one specific email or file’ that’s been eluding you- this may be right up your alley. It’s become indispensable to me in just a few weeks- check out the demo if you’re remotely interested.

Next up, Mail.appetizer for Mac OS 10.3+. One of the most initially-pointless but eventually-handy features of Windows Outlook 2003 for me was the little semi-transparent ‘alert’ window that popped up whenever I got new email in my Inbox. Mail.appetizer essentially allows you to get similar features in Apple Mail – a somewhat configurable, transparent alert shows up in your location of choosing whenever you get new mail – showing the subject, sender, time and an excerpt of the message itself. Less functionally-handy than X1 by leaps and bounds, but tres cool if you’re often nose-down and want a quick glimpse of what’s flying into your inbox without switching apps ad nauseum. Mail.appetizer is free- but donations are accepted.

Hope you find these two utilities interesting- I’ve become a bit hooked on both.

2 Responses to OT- 2 Email Utilities

  1. You may want to take a look at ‘Lookout’, sounds like it does a similar thing to X1 and it’s free (…just bought by MS, so may not be for much longer!)http://www.lookoutsoft.com/Lookout/download.html

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    Nice- thanks! Lookout’s definitely not as deep as X1 feature-wise, but it sure is fast and cheap (for now)… :D