Webforums update 2

I just got word that the MM web forums are expected to come back online at some point this weekend, and database performance monitored thru the rest of extended weekend (Monday is a Macromedia holiday) to make sure that all is well. I’ll give another update when things are live and confirmed stable, and do my best to keep you posted as to the ongoing status thru the weekend.

Note that my prior blog posting got a comment as to the Forums’ behavior under load, and I wanted to cover that briefly. The Forums were brought down due to extreme database load across *all* site applications. As the web Forums indeed generate the highest DB load (reasonably expected, given their popularity), they were left down to buy back headroom for the other mission-critical applications on the site- including the online store and membership framework. These tradeoffs are never pleasant, but necessary. As application optimizations can also help keep DB load minimized, the downtime has provided an opportunity to tweak several of the applications for more efficiency (not just the Forums), and additional infrastructural upgrades are planned in the near future to help prevent this type of issue from recurring. Keep in mind you can also access the forums thru the NNTP/newsreader interface, which has been active (albeit far more quiet) throughout the entire week. Postings made there will continue to be synched with the web forums – regardless of their online status.

Keep posted- I’ll be in airports throughout most of today but will do my best to give you the current info as I hear it and have access to post … and for any of you here in the States- hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!

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