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4-day Server promotion

Should a client, colleague our yourself be in either the evaluation or procurement process right now, I just got word that there’s an online-only promotion for some of the Macromedia server products (JRun 4, Flash Communication Server Personal & Professional editions, and Flash Remoting) running from today – 8/30/04 – through 5pm on 9/2/04. The deal: $200 off new purchases and $100 off upgrades (excluding the Flash Communications Server Personal Edition). You can get more details at the Macromedia Online Store if interested.

CMX: Site-Wide Design-Time Stylesheets

Wow. I just checked out a GREAT new extension for Dreamweaver, developed by Paul Boon and brought to you by the fine folks over at Community MX.

One of my personal favorite CSS features in DW was design-time stylesheets- the ability to specify a custom stylesheet for use during the local development of your pages (separate from your ‘deploy-time’ stylesheet used for your published site), however you were only allowed to specify this on an individual page level- and for larger projects there’s always been the case where I needed to set design-time stylesheets for a large group of files, or even an entire local site.

And the new “CMX Design-Time Styles” extension ($5 USD) does exactly that- allows you to specify design-time stylesheets for a document, a selected folder, or even the entire local site. Awesome- and highly recommended!

XCode for Flash/AS2 Projects- Tutorial

If you’ve been using an external editor on your Mac for Actionscript 2 development, then you’ll definitely want to take a run thru this custom XCode Flash/AS2 project framework tutorial by Isaac Rivera and Sam Robbins, which even supports the old-standby ‘command (apple)- return’ Test Movie feature. Very nice tutorial, I highly recommend giving it a whirl if you’re interested in using XCode as an external AS editor on your Macintosh!

New Kaosweaver DW Extensions

I just got word that Paul Davis and Kaosweaver have released three new freeware Dreamweaver extensions, here’s the details:

Add Field – a short utility behavior to add additional textfields to the form for variable input items.

Server Includes – a minor improvement on the ASP and PHP include objectss, this lets you navigate to a file and directly include it.

Submit Once – a command that provides a javascript function to prevent forms from being submitted or reset multiple times.

Can’t play DOOM 3 yet?

Is your gaming system/video card underpowered for the heavy load of id Software’s recently-released DOOM 3? If so, you’ll want to take another look at DOOM Reloaded v0.7 for a quick fix- which has been freshly updated with new features and improvements. What can I say, I’m an old-school DOOM freak at heart- so can’t wait for Necromanthus’ Shockwave FPS homage to hit v1.0.

CMX – Flash Video Tutorial

With the announcement of the Flash Video Kit this past Monday, I’ve seen several questions arise asking how those without Flash Professional can leverage FLV content on their sites. And just in the nick of time- Tom Green just put up a free tutorial on Community MX discussing exactly this subject! Based on a prior tutorial he’d written on building the Vodaphone Video Bracelet, this new tute gives the scoop for achieving the same results sans Flash Pro. Nice!

On related subjects- the Flash Video Topic Center was released this week on, aggregating tons of good tutorials, articles and guides for incorporating FLV video in your projects- a great bookmark/reference for anyone just now considering building out video-enabled sites/applications.

Blackstone at SD Times

The extensible gateway architecture is the lead feature in this article on Blackstone (i.e. the next version of ColdFusion) in Software Development Times, followed closely by the Flash forms and reporting features. I’ve personally heard more rumblings about Flash forms in general discussions than the gateway architecture, but am personally more interested in the latter.

Flash Video Kit Announced

The Flash Video Kit was announced today- a package deal including a Flash Video Extension for Dreamweaver (allowing for easy integration of FLV video into your websites), a special version of the Sorenson Squeeze transcoder, the Flash Video Learner’s Guide (an introductory guide to deploying Flash Video) and a 15-day free trial of the VitalStream Flash Video Streaming Service– great for those who don’t have the inclination or resources to host their own dedicated FlashCom server.

You can get the Flash Video Kit (a $99 value) free when you buy or upgrade to Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional- and register it online by September 30. I believe there is also a discount/deal for existing Studio/Flash Pro customers as well, for all the specifics you’ll want to look over the terms and conditions, of course.

Update: I just updated this ‘blog entry, as the Flash Video Kit was *announced* today- and will not actually be available until Sept 1st. Apologies for any confusion on that point!

Blackstone article on C/Net

More press coverage at C/Net yesterday on Blackstone (i.e. the next major version of ColdFusion, for the uninitiated). Lots of great new features on tap, give it a read and post comments here if you’re new to the topic!

MXNA on your iPod

Christian Cantrell’s blog posting sums it up well- MXNA-aggregated news on your iPod, for either reading or listening. I just got back from my morning run listening to the latest articles- a very cool way to catch up with your news, check it out!