Can’t play DOOM 3 yet?

Is your gaming system/video card underpowered for the heavy load of id Software’s recently-released DOOM 3? If so, you’ll want to take another look at DOOM Reloaded v0.7 for a quick fix- which has been freshly updated with new features and improvements. What can I say, I’m an old-school DOOM freak at heart- so can’t wait for Necromanthus’ Shockwave FPS homage to hit v1.0.

4 Responses to Can’t play DOOM 3 yet?

  1. powerpuff says:

    coooooolbut who the hell is JOHN C ???

  2. Necromanthus says:

    Hi Scott,You had to wait over 2 years to see the IMP.I’m sorry for that.DOOM Reloaded (demo v0.9)best regards

  3. Nice- thanks for the update, Necro!

  4. Sorlag says:

    very nice.but check out the most popular ADOBE SHOCKWAVE content on!really awesome!