CMX: Site-Wide Design-Time Stylesheets

Wow. I just checked out a GREAT new extension for Dreamweaver, developed by Paul Boon and brought to you by the fine folks over at Community MX.

One of my personal favorite CSS features in DW was design-time stylesheets- the ability to specify a custom stylesheet for use during the local development of your pages (separate from your ‘deploy-time’ stylesheet used for your published site), however you were only allowed to specify this on an individual page level- and for larger projects there’s always been the case where I needed to set design-time stylesheets for a large group of files, or even an entire local site.

And the new “CMX Design-Time Styles” extension ($5 USD) does exactly that- allows you to specify design-time stylesheets for a document, a selected folder, or even the entire local site. Awesome- and highly recommended!