CMX: Site-Wide Design-Time Stylesheets

Wow. I just checked out a GREAT new extension for Dreamweaver, developed by Paul Boon and brought to you by the fine folks over at Community MX.

One of my personal favorite CSS features in DW was design-time stylesheets- the ability to specify a custom stylesheet for use during the local development of your pages (separate from your ‘deploy-time’ stylesheet used for your published site), however you were only allowed to specify this on an individual page level- and for larger projects there’s always been the case where I needed to set design-time stylesheets for a large group of files, or even an entire local site.

And the new “CMX Design-Time Styles” extension ($5 USD) does exactly that- allows you to specify design-time stylesheets for a document, a selected folder, or even the entire local site. Awesome- and highly recommended!

5 Responses to CMX: Site-Wide Design-Time Stylesheets

  1. bryan says:

    I can’t believe you have to PAY for this.

  2. geoff says:

    I can’t believe that after all the comments on the adobe forums, this isn’t built into Dreamweaver CS3.

  3. It didn’t score high related to other proposals in user surveys this release, plain and simple.A cool extension, sure- but we can’t build every cool idea/extension/product we hear about into the app (gotta leave some room for DW’s big third-party developer ecosystem to innovate, too)… ;-)

  4. kemie says:

    I agree not every feature should be implemented, but this really seems likea)not at all complicatedb)very necessary- the idea of having to manually attach a stylesheet to dozens of files in a site is just absurd.oh, well, maybe for dw cs14 :P

  5. There’s thousands of ‘small, uncomplicated’ feature requests that get passed over each release, and never enough time/bandwidth to include them all. As noted above, design-time stylesheets have consistently not made a dent in feature requests, relatively speaking. When they do (or at least figure higher on the priority chain than other features), you can bet we’ll implement it.Demand drives feature development, it’s really that simple. That’s why it’s great to have a third-party developer ecosystem that can help fill in gaps that we can’t get to. Plain and simple.If you want it- then vote for it here:… and your vote will be counted each time we plan a new release.