Flash Video Kit Announced

The Flash Video Kit was announced today- a package deal including a Flash Video Extension for Dreamweaver (allowing for easy integration of FLV video into your websites), a special version of the Sorenson Squeeze transcoder, the Flash Video Learner’s Guide (an introductory guide to deploying Flash Video) and a 15-day free trial of the VitalStream Flash Video Streaming Service- great for those who don’t have the inclination or resources to host their own dedicated FlashCom server.

You can get the Flash Video Kit (a $99 value) free when you buy or upgrade to Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional- and register it online by September 30. I believe there is also a discount/deal for existing Studio/Flash Pro customers as well, for all the specifics you’ll want to look over the terms and conditions, of course.

Update: I just updated this ‘blog entry, as the Flash Video Kit was *announced* today- and will not actually be available until Sept 1st. Apologies for any confusion on that point!