Flash Video Kit Announced

The Flash Video Kit was announced today- a package deal including a Flash Video Extension for Dreamweaver (allowing for easy integration of FLV video into your websites), a special version of the Sorenson Squeeze transcoder, the Flash Video Learner’s Guide (an introductory guide to deploying Flash Video) and a 15-day free trial of the VitalStream Flash Video Streaming Service– great for those who don’t have the inclination or resources to host their own dedicated FlashCom server.

You can get the Flash Video Kit (a $99 value) free when you buy or upgrade to Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional- and register it online by September 30. I believe there is also a discount/deal for existing Studio/Flash Pro customers as well, for all the specifics you’ll want to look over the terms and conditions, of course.

Update: I just updated this ‘blog entry, as the Flash Video Kit was *announced* today- and will not actually be available until Sept 1st. Apologies for any confusion on that point!

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