Archive for August, 2004

MM-Exporter Updated

One of the most handy third-party freeware utilities for Studio developers (particularly if you have large volumes of site definitions) is Jorg Schmalenberger’s MM-Exporter, which was just updated to version 2.1. MM-Exporter lets you quickly and easily back up all your important settings and data from Dreamweaver, Flash, Contribute and Fireworks. MM-Exporter is Windows-only, highly recommended, and available for download here:

2 New Dreamweaver Add-Ons

On the Dreamweaver front, two interesting recent releases caught my eye today.

First up, Project Seven released a new commercial CSS Design Pack – Fabrizio. I’ve always been really impressed with the depth and quality of the PVII software, and their design packs (actually ‘starting points’ for CSS-driven designs that include not only source code but supporting extensions and a truckload of documentation) are no exception. Price is $45.

Second up, a free extension from Ranjan– the Dreamlettes Scroller. A quick and easy CSS scrollable region available in MXP extension format- and rather nicely done.


Blackstone Revealed

Courtesy of Tim Buntel’s blog, more public information on what the next ColdFusion release (code named ‘Blackstone’) will entail has just been released on If you haven’t been exposed to this info through either Ben Forta’s road tour or general bloggings of late, definitely worth a read- Blackstone is shaping up to be one hard-core release!