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Mothball Alert…

I’ve been buried in projects lately, so it’s rather ironic that my first post in a while is simply a heads-up that I’ll be on vacation in Thailand for the next month without the opportunity to ‘blog, but will be back posting like mad at MAX New Orleans. See you again in November!

CMX – Flash Video Kit Tutorial

Tom Green just published a great new free tutorial covering the Flash Video Kit over at Community MX, which should be just the ticket for anyone needing a quick, easy way to get video into your site content. Definitely worth a read – check it out!

Ten CSS tricks you may not know…

A rather interesting article on got unearthed today on one of the mailing lists I frequent, highlighting 10 CSS tricks that you may not know. Good article, handy for brush-ups even if you did already know these tricks (shorthand, box model hacks, image replacement techniques, etc.)- although I’d also recommend checking out this ‘blogging of related criticisms (constructive, of course) for an even wider-net read… forming your own opinions, of course. :)

New ‘timeslicing’ camera from Sony

Slightly OT by way of Yahoo News- Sony just announced the new Cyber-shot M1 camera, same miniscule ‘deck of cards’ footprint and a 5.1 megapixel yield, but this one has a new twist- capturing 5 seconds of QVGA video before and 3 seconds after a still image is shot. I can’t count how many times a ‘candid’ shot I thought was priceless at the time ended up being about a second late when finally downloaded to my desktop- this should address that sort of annoyance rather well. The new MPEG-4 encoder allows for roughly 27 minutes of 30fps VGA video w/stereo audio (assuming 16-bit audio, tho it wasn’t called out specifically in the press release) on an (optional) 512MB Memory Stick Duo. Translated- if you bump up to a 1GB Memory stick, that’s almost an hour’s worth of VGA video on a very usable 5.1mp digital camera, that easily slips into your shirt pocket. This won’t displace my bulletproof Nikons in the short-term, but I’m definitely hoping to see more high-end cameras offering this type of video ‘time-slicing’ feature in the near future- sounds incredibly handy.

BLDoc 1.0 Public Beta

Courtesy of Chafic Kazoun of B-Line Express, the public beta for BLDoc 1.0 has just been made available. BLDoc is a Windows-based ActionScript 2 source code documentation tool that helps keep your comments small, and final documentation tight. Two versions of BLDoc will be available- a Community version (free, supporting up to 5000 lines of code – excluding blank lines and doc comments, with watermarked output), and a Professional version (commercial, with no watermark or size restrictions). BLDoc supports multiple output styles, AS 2.0 source parsing, metadata tagging, and JavaDoc-style comments. You can also create your own output styles. Looks like an incredibly flexible and handy tool- you can find more information on the BLDoc public beta here.