Mothball Alert…

I’ve been buried in projects lately, so it’s rather ironic that my first post in a while is simply a heads-up that I’ll be on vacation in Thailand for the next month without the opportunity to ‘blog, but will be back posting like mad at MAX New Orleans. See you again in November!

2 Responses to Mothball Alert…

  1. John Dowdell says:

    “… will be back posting like mad at MAX….” That’s assuming you don’t lose your touch-typing skills in the interim….. ;-)(I budgeted three anti-bacterial HandiWipes and 3x1000mg VitC a day, but still ran out towards the end… take care over the next month, have fun!)jd

  2. necromanthus says:

    Happy vacation Scott.But take care: too many s_e_x_y girls there !Also, don’t drink too much !And pay attention to your pockets: burglars !ha ha ha