Firefox Extensions

More an FYI for anyone enthusiastic about the Mozilla 1.0 release- a decent ’roundup’ article at ExtremeTech covering ten Firefox extensions that add all sorts of functionality to the popular open-source browser.

On the handy side- RSS and FTP integration, as well as a rather interesting webmail ‘composition’ extension that allows you to start composing email when you aren’t currently logged into your webmail site of preference. In the ‘why bother’ department, another extension can keep you up-to-date with the current Homeland Security threat level. Overall, good stuff- although the jury’s still out on a few of these as I determine which stand the test of time in my own workflow. RSS and FTP stuff isn’t as interesting to me as I use other clients/apps/means of accessing those features, but I do like the Image Zoom extension and have found myself using the webmail composition extension quite a bit so far.For those of you who’re already up to speed with Mozilla 1.0, what are your favorite features and extensions so far?