MAX- day one

Houston, we have cleared the tower- MAX 2004 is off and running. The keynote today was good (particularly for me as I’ve been out of the country and off the grid for the last 4 weeks). Stephen Elop (Macromedia COO) got things underway with the opening preso and remarks, including a great example of Blackstone’s SMS gateway in the form of a ‘on the spot’ presidential voting application. Everyone texted their presidential vote and the returns totalled in real-time as we watched- very cool.

Kevin Lynch hit the stage next with an overview of the last year and upcoming events with Macromedia products, introducing several key speakers:Michael Gough and Mike Sundermeyer from the Macromedia Experience team discussed best practices for RIAs, and a few of their guiding principles for interface design. I’m looking forward to hearing and reading much more on this subject, as their preso really only scratched the surface of many areas of consideration in UI design.George Riley gave a quick runthrough of how the SMS voting application was built in Flex 1.5- always amazing to see how few lines of code are required to put together these applications.Ben Forta and Tim Buntel demoed some of the new features in Blackstone, rich forms, PDF generation, insanely-enhanced reporting features, and the new gateway API (used earlier in the voting app, which leveraged an SMS gateway).And closing out the keynote, Mike Downey gave a demo of the upcoming Flash Player 8-including some serious performance enhancements to vector and bitmap rendering, and greatly improved video features and performance (including effects and alphas). Great stuff- and all these speed boosts and new features were demoed on a Macintosh, a welcome sight indeed.Tonight we’ll be giving away Timbuk2 messenger bags at the Community Pit area (starting after 4:30) if you’re at the show, make sure and stop by and see one of us for raffle tickets. I’ll probably be turning in reasonably early this evening as last night (this morning?) was a late one for both JD and myself- during which we learned a valuable Bourbon St. lesson, in that the Hand Grenade is one formidable drink indeed… ;)More as we go… keep posted!

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