MAX- Thursday recap

Today’s been spent mostly in sessions for me- first Chris Georgenes’ excellent presentation on advanced Flash animation techniques (I swear that guy is a bottomless pit of tips, tricks and time-saving techniques), and then Angela Buraglia’s Dreamweaver Killer Tips preso (another excellent grab-bag of techniques you can really use). We’re currently getting ready to forage for lunch, but I’ll probably hit the mobile sessions immediately afterwards.

Last night, however, was quite the spectacle. The show party was across the river at Mardi Gras World, a large space where floats for the various New Orleans parades are created. MM rented out the entire hall, complete with live Motown band, myriad food booths and installations (the pecan fried catfish was really good), and of course- the open bars. Many folks migrated to Bourbon St. afterwards, but I kept it to the Hilton bar and some quiet conversation for the evening- my hurricane intake the last couple days has been quite enough for now. ;)I’ve been hanging out a lot at the community pit with a lot of the Team Macromedia members and User Group managers, it’s been really great to get some face to face time with all the folks I’ve known up ’til know primarily by email addresses. We’ve been showing off the upcoming Macromedia Knowledge Base here, a completely new interface for MM technical documentation such as Technotes and Dev Center articles slated to go live by the end of November. We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback on it, so keep posted at the end of the month- this should help people get to solid information much, much more comprehensively than the old Technote searches.More as we go, although the tone today is definitely one of winding down- the combination of three days of tech sessions along with New Orleans’ well-documented nightlife is making for a lot of tired, but happy conference goers. Including myself. :)

3 Responses to MAX- Thursday recap

  1. Danilo says:

    Enough MAXing, time for relaxing!Glad y’all had a great time down NO way, definately do ned to watch out for the kick in the pants a few hurricanes can give you, just ask any Florida resident!

  2. chris says:

    scott – lol – i wish i went to that party! but ultimately i know i was better off since i had a session first thing the next morning :0

  3. Scott says:

    duly noted!I’m going to have to watch my hurricane intake here on out- and am definitely glad I didn’t have a session to speak at this year so didn’t have to worry about a slight lag in energy early on… ;)