MAX – solution vs. product focus?

As a very community-facing guy here at Macromedia, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people this week about how they’re using MM products, and what they came to get out of the MAX sessions. Many of the sessions are specific to a given product/tool, and can be very specific in nature, but I’ve heard more than a few comments that workflows these days rarely include just one product, so cross-product workflows based on solutions would be much more valid. For example- using Flash and Dreamweaver to process and publish video, using Director and Flash to author interactive, internet-savvy CD-ROM or DVD content, etc. My question- do you find our site and/or conference content lacking in this respect, and if so, what solutions (and mixes of products) do you find yourself working with on a regular basis?

One Response to MAX – solution vs. product focus?

  1. Michael says:

    I use Director quite a bit with Video.I would like to use Flash and Director together, but have found that QuickTime and Director distributed to CD-Rom is heads and shoulders better than anything else.I hope that changes with what I’ve just seen with the new flash player and it’s handling of video (and capabilities).