sIFR 2.0

I watched Team Macromedia member Danilo Celic demo sIFR 2.0 earlier today, and must admit I’m pretty impressed. sIFR (more information here) is an open-source implementation of Flash-based text replacement. Using cunning JS and CSS code, you can use custom fonts in SWF files to replace heading tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) in your document with Flash text dynamically. And the best news- it degrades beautifully if you don’t have Flash installed.
sIFR is certainly worth an extended look if you’re image-setting your headings now to take advantage of custom/non-standard fonts, it’s very slick to be able to edit your headings directly in the HTML source and have sIFR do the heavy-lifting for those who can view a better alternative… just bang the link above, download a copy, and report back with your own opinion?

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