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CSS podGuide

Feel the need to get introspective on CSS floats while on your morning run? Then you need a copy of Style Master’s podGuide, a handy lil’ version of their ‘Complete CSS’ reference you can tote around on your iPod. Categories include an overview of CSS concepts, as well as detailed information on all the various CSS 2.1 selectors, properties and @rules, it’s a very helpful guide indeed. Play safe, now- and always keep your eyes on the trail when jogging…


Handy resource for the occasionally-connected… wiPod, an iPod-based field guide/reference listing free wi-fi hotspots across a good number of US cities. I loaded the California and Bay Area regional guide onto my iPod this Wednesday, and have been happily wireless-squatting across the city ever since. Handy resource- check to see if your city (or cities) are included, there’s quite a good amount of coverage already.

Flash Video Duo

Just got forwarded a great use of Flash video on the Discovery Channel website by Scott Morgan in our support group- you can soar the skylanes along with Tilly the eagle. Being a flight nut myself this is pretty cool – even without the Flash connection.

Also, have you noticed the new Amazon Theater feature smack-dab in the center of’s homepage? Tres cool example of Flash video integration on a rather well-known and high-volume site. ‘Tooth Fairy’ is their current featured short film, although I liked ‘Agent Orange’ the best for some reason. Not sure if either of these has already made the rounds, but they’re both absolutely worth an eyeball…

New Macromedia Knowledge Base Live

The Macromedia Support Center looks the same as ever to you today, right? Well, not entirely so. Just enter some keywords or questions into the ‘Search Support‘ field, choose a category (if you so desire), then hit ‘Search’ and see the difference for yourself. The new engine and database behind the Macromedia Knowledge Base is significantly faster and more accurate than the prior technote search, and gives far more options with your results. Although this change slipped out somewhat ‘under the hood’ last night after heavy demos at MAX New Orleans, it’s definitely a welcome new improvement to searching the Macromedia support site. Give it a try!