New Macromedia Knowledge Base Live

The Macromedia Support Center looks the same as ever to you today, right? Well, not entirely so. Just enter some keywords or questions into the ‘Search Support‘ field, choose a category (if you so desire), then hit ‘Search’ and see the difference for yourself. The new engine and database behind the Macromedia Knowledge Base is significantly faster and more accurate than the prior technote search, and gives far more options with your results. Although this change slipped out somewhat ‘under the hood’ last night after heavy demos at MAX New Orleans, it’s definitely a welcome new improvement to searching the Macromedia support site. Give it a try!

4 Responses to New Macromedia Knowledge Base Live

  1. Scott says:

    indeed!Which probably means it’s just slow news-wise today. :)

  2. GH says:

    Hmm … still needs to add logic to it’s site structure that supports users reaccessing previously visited documents in an intuitive, predicatable manner … KnowledgeBaselive is no substitute for having a greater level of logic in the archiving of site content … that said, I will give KnowledgeBaselive a try for a few weeks and see what value it offers … btw all content on should be date stamped … in technology, the dating of an article is often critical in determining it’s relevance … e.g. how does KnowledgeBaselive distinguish between product version releases?

  3. Scott says:

    Actually, it’s just called the ‘Macromedia Knowledge Base’- live was to note that it’s finally launched (we demoed the KB at the MAX conference about a month ago).Re: your thoughts, increased logic in document archiving is indeed part of the equation, not to mention retrieval. Documents can be versioned and updated without losing that context. Metadata maps for all the content are maintained internally to the application and not exposed to site visitors in general, if I recall correctly these include items such as publish date, last mod date, plaintext content, product/version metadata/etc. I couldn’t speak to the exact level of implementation for each, but that’s my understanding… and it will gain ‘relevancy’ as more real-world users access the system and show actual threads of tangency between documents/issues/topics/etc.However, the knowledgebase is primarily leveraged for technical content so I’m not sure it’s searching paradigm and/or value would be as valuable for general ‘’ content (which is maintained thru other means)- the KB is a parallel search engine/technology sitting alongside the Google search engine used for that specializes in finding tech/support/developer content.good points!