Pop Menu Magic

Fresh off the bit-presses from DW extension and CSS gurus Project Seven, PVII Pop Menu Magic– a commercial Dreamweaver extension that simplifies the creation of horizontal/vertical pop-up menus on your web sites. Some cool features include unlimited submenus, standard list-based markup, automatic window edge detection, submenu animation and 26 visual styles to choose from- a rather sweet commercial package that automates an otherwise tedious process. And as with PVII’s popular design packs and prior extensions- generated code degrades gracefully in older browsers (should that still be a point of contention with your own website and/or clients). You can also check out a demo of the end result here. Nice. :)

3 Responses to Pop Menu Magic

  1. James says:

    Scott,Are you the Scott Fegette that used to teach bass at Jack’s House of Music in Sacramento? I hope so! I know this isn’t a forum for reunions, but I had to say hi. I took bass lessons from you in like 1992 before you moved to Santa Barbara! I thought about you today and figured I’d type in your name and see if I could find you! Awesome! You’re kicking ass as I would only suspect. Shit man, you were a huge inspiration to me and not-to-mention the best bass player I’ve still yet to meet. Seriously. Music and theatre have dominated my life since, I’ve been in and out of signed bands, back and forth to Europe… and now back in Sac as a soon to graduate multi-media/theatre student. Anyways, I’d love to talk to you, send you a couple of my CD’s, shoot the shit! If you’re a different Scott, forgive me…I don’t think you are though.Call me, email me….whatever!Kick ass!James Steck916-541-9586P.S I took a Flash class last semester and am slowly learning action-script, but I’m not even going to try to spar with you in that arena!

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    Hey, James!I sure am the same Scott, and remember you very well- tho I’ve taught a lot of students over the years there’s only been a small few who were clearly destined for greater things- great to hear you stuck with it and have accomplished so much! Glad I could give you a few tips along the way. :DI’ll drop you an email from my private account and try to ring you on my way home today- please give my best to your family as well. Great to hear from ya (and thanks for all the kind words)!!-S