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CMX hits 1000

A bit of publishing history was made today- Community MX released their 1000th article. Kudos! That’s a lot of ASCII…. :)

MXDU – Day Two rewind

Well, another MXDU ended with a bang last night- what a great conference. My kudos and sincere thanks for Geoff Bowers and ALL the Daemonites for putting on one of the best-run conferences I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend! Seriously. Now back to the coverage…

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MXDU Day 2 – Keynote update

The day 2 keynote just wrapped up, Mike Downey was first up (following another BRILLIANT animated intro), giving a wide overview of the Flash ecosystem as it exists today. Flash Video got a lot of play, covering and’s usage of FLV video on their respective homepages (among others). The cornerstone for me- Red Bull’s innovative usage of video-driven interaction for their Air Race Copilot site. Make sure to check it out- I’ve honestly never seen such an integrated use of Flash video to fully document the experience of sitting inside (or outside) of a 300+ horsepower propeller-powered rocket during a real air race. Multi-angle shots, interactive maps- beautiful job.

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MXDU – Day One rewind

I’m currently in James Talbot’s ‘Flex for Flash Developers‘ session, sucking up information and nursing wounds from being fragged repeatedly by Mike Chambers in the XBox lounge during afternoon tea (ouch). An earlier session on ‘Dynamic Flash‘ ended up being more of a roundtable session (and a quite good one), with well-known Flashers such as Chafic Kazoun, Aral Balkan, Jesse Warden, Peter Hall, and many others entertaining questions from the audience.

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MXDU – Day 1 Keynote

The MXDU day-one keynote just wrapped, and was a great one. After another brilliant animated introcourtesy of Flash animation superheros Nectarine and introduction from MXDU conference ringleader Geoff Bowers (of Daemon/, the body of the keynote kicked off with zeal.
(hit the ‘MORE’ link for details…)

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Silk Mobile and Flash Lite

Great news coming from the 3GSM conference in Cannes- Silk Mobile Ltd. has developed both connection management and local file access applications for Flash Lite developers. Their partnership with Macromedia will also include Flash design services and further development to ‘enhance and support’ Flash applications in the mobile arena. This looks like some great news for Flash Lite developers (discovered by way of the Flashlite mailing list, FYI)!

Wheels down for MXDU!

Just got to Australia a few hours ago, and am currently camped out in Sean Corfield’s hotel room shoulder-tapping his broadband as my room just down the hall gets ‘prepared’. Expect more regular updates once I settle in and MXDU kicks off, and actually have a room of my own… ;)

Out for MXDU

Touching back in SF for a couple hours today to repack the bags and charge batteries before heading back off for Sydney Australia and the MXDU conference. Hope to meet a lot of you down under!

Nokia and Flash

Nice! Hot off the presses, Nokia signs a licensing agreement with Macromedia to integrate Macromedia Flash technology into it’s Series 60 platform phones and other software platforms. With 1.8 million registered developers in Nokia’s ‘Forum Nokia’ program, that’s a lot of potential Flash developers. Collaboration in development tools, support and technical documentation is also planned- all very positive signs for current and future mobile developers looking to leverage the platform.

Given this news, I’m feeling pretty justified in switching to a Flash Lite-ready Nokia 6600 last week… :)

Javascript Triggers (ALA)

A great article on the basics of JavaScript Triggers hit A List Apart, worth checking out if you’re obsessed – as I’ve been recently – with absolute separation of content (XHTML), presentation (CSS) and behaviors (Javascript) in your site designs. Great read.