Wheels down for MXDU!

Just got to Australia a few hours ago, and am currently camped out in Sean Corfield’s hotel room shoulder-tapping his broadband as my room just down the hall gets ‘prepared’. Expect more regular updates once I settle in and MXDU kicks off, and actually have a room of my own… ;)

4 Responses to Wheels down for MXDU!

  1. John Dowdell says:

    … Bitters…? ;-)jd

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    Ah yes- I’m now a fan. Also love that you can easily find my favorite UK treats like Violet Crumbles and giant Kit Kat’s… :)Sydney == big thumbs up from me!Now off to set up a booth and get some free breakfast from Microsoft… :)

  3. All 4 Seo says:

    Just as a reminder. No more MXDU as it was before. Seems domain was dropped then bought and web directory installed.

  4. Yes, that’s definitely old news. This post was written in 2005, the last year before MXDU became WebDU.