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Contribute Macrochat Tomorrow (3/24)

If you’re a site administrator deploying Contribute to content teams, you’ll want to register for the free Contribute 3 Site Administration Macrochat tomorrow (3/24/05) at 1pm PST (4pm EST – click here to get a local time if you’re not in either time zone). Senior engineer Marni Sweetland will be hosting a live technical presentation/discussion on how you can set up and leverage user roles to control access, site styles/fonts, shared project assets and templates, and much more. Enjoy!


Classic random Flash app for a Monday evening diversion- Grant Robinson’s Montage-a-google allows you to enter a few keywords, and have a random collage made for you from the resulting Google Images search. Try a few names (or even cooler- phrases), you may be surprised at what comes back! And check out the rest of Grant’s site while you’re there- he’s got some really interesting explorations of code and design lurking within.
(props to Sean Corfield for the forward)

Giant Steps – Flash Style

Jazz fan? Flash fan? Both? Then check out “Giant Steps” by Michal Levy, a very, very sweet Flash 3D short film set to the classic John Coltrane tune of the same name. Nice.

More project management…

… thoughts from indie designer Jason Santa Maria. For some reason this topic keeps popping up in my various haunts lately, and I can’t get enough of it- I’m fascinated with individual workflows and efficiencies. Jason gives a great low-fi way of managing his clients at the link provided (an invoicing/tracking system built in MoveableType- classic seat-of-your-pants ingenuity!), well worth a skim if the subject piques your interest. All you indie developers/designers out there- how do you currently manage your own project/client load? What software/techniques are your favorites? (I’m currently using a hacked version of DotProject to manage any side project I work on at home, but must admit BaseCamp looks like it may fit my needs slightly better…)

Project Management (ALA)

Always a topic of curiosity to me- the social quagmire that is project management. Without diving postehaste into UML, specifications, or architectural best practices, this so-far-two-part-series at A List Apart by Norm Carr and Tim Meehan does a solid job of breaking down the fundamentals of use-case-driven project design and scope management. Check out both part 1 (‘What is the problem?’), as well as part 2 (Taming Scope). Managing the scope of one’s project (particularly with ultra nit-picky and/or fickle clients) is a difficult-to-master art- if you’ve ever struggled in these areas, these two articles may be a well-needed breath of fresh air.