TODCon – day one, rewound

Wow- what a busy day. Yesterday’s sessions started off with a keynote by Popstick CEO Danny Kastner (also of the tv show ‘The Apprentice’). Danny and his guitar kicked off the festivities with a solid and highly entertaining presentation on the potential of rich media to enhance marketing campaigns. From there I spent most of my time in Molly Holzschlag’s CSS bootcamp sessions- a great soup-to-nuts series that I’d recommend highly to anyone still fighting box model hacks and IE. ;)

I did break from the CSS sessions to check out Danny Patterson’s Flash SOA (service-oriented architecture) talk- which was both chock full of good info on the topic as well as great back-forth interaction with the room – I even helped a fellow attendee squash a bug or two in her live application. Nothing like applied knowledge in a timely fashion, eh?

Tons of Team Macromedia members here at the conference everywhere you look. Although the sessions have been great so far, the hallway conversations have been priceless, sure wish you could round up this crew more often than once a year! And of course the con is being expertly run by TMM Ray West and the cadre of Community MX partners.

As you’d expect, last night’s post-session activities were a bit of a blur as is the custom here in Vegas- starting at sushi with a large group of speakers/attendees/sponsors, and ending up:

  • finally getting to meet Murray Summers in person (at last!)
  • getting down with the InterAKT crew on the dance floor at the Excalibur (I have pictures- terms negotiable!)
  • almost losing my shirt at the blackjack table with Christian Cantrell- then somehow pulling back to break-even (phew)
  • searching for karaoke with all the former folks, Stephanie Sullivan, Molly Holzschlag and Robert Hoekman, Jr… to no avail!
  • sharing really bad pictures of ourselves from times past
  • closing down the Big Apple – with all of the abovementioned troublemakers – and somehow making it back to my room before dawn.. ;-)

Today’s sessions are jam-packed with a variety of topics and subjects- I’ll be room-hopping today as there’s a lot in all three tracks I want to catch- but time’s a wasting and I overslept a bit for obvious reasons.
More later…

5 Responses to TODCon – day one, rewound

  1. Chris Flick says:

    Hi Scott…It was great meeting, talking and laughing with you at TODCON. It was especially nice hearing about the great things you had to say about “CMX Suite” over at CommunityMX.Any chance I can ask you to drop me a line when you have a moment or two?-Chris Flick

  2. You made it back to your room before dawn? You must have left early. ;)Looks like Vegas isn’t the only think that makes you lose your shirt. Judging from those photos, 38 Special makes you do it, too!Anyway, it was a great time. I look forward to our next adventure, Scott. Next time, let’s hit DisneyLand and see how the Matterhorn mixes with all that Captain and Coke.Ahhh … good times.

  3. Scott Fegette says:

    Chris- awesome to finally meet you, having been a fan of CMX Suite for some time! Looking forward to Tuesday’s strip now (with asbestos overcoat on, of course… lol). ;)Robert- you bet man, I wimped out and got back to my room before it started getting light again. I can only imagine the havok that will be wreaked in Anaheim this year, truly frightening the prospects…

  4. Sheri German says:

    Hey Scott,It was really great to meet you!I hear you’re another musician turned computer geek. Next time I run into you, we’ll have to talk music…chord progressions, anyone? ;-)(And I am *still* trying to catch up on my sleep.)

  5. Bill Horvath says:

    Scott,It was great to meet you and put a face to the guy who has had to put up with so much from so many. Yes, I’m talking about… Laurie and Stephanie.