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Macrochat – Advanced Flash Video

If you’re online in roughly two hours, don’t miss Kevin Towes’ Flash Video Macrochat (registration required) at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Learn all about building custom video progress/seek bars, transitions, masking and effects, synchronizing cue points with Flash events), creating a thumbnail viewer, and tips on converting, scaling and optimizing your video for various target bandwidths. Looks like some good stuff- bang that link and register! Did I mention that it’s free? ;-)


This is a test post from Flickr. Just setting the new weblog up a bit for future abuses. ;-)

Weblog Updates

My ‘blog got converted over to the swanky-fresh server this past holiday weekend (thanks, Christian!), so expect to see updates/tweaks/inconsistencies over the next week as I customize things a bit. I’d always meant to go back and add categories to this ‘blog, and have both done that as well as started recategorizing all my historical posts- so please let me know (comments are fine) if you see any broken links/etc. in the meantime. Thx!

Recorded Macrochat Archive

If you’ve been interested in, but had to miss a recent Macrochat, you’ll want to bookmark the brand-new Macrochat Archive ASAP. Great way to Breeze thru all the prior sessions we’ve held (no pun intended) and mine some good technical tidbits from all the great speakers who’ve hosted sessions. And if you’re not familiar with Macrochats, make sure to check out the upcoming schedule, there are some great sessions coming up over the next week.
(thanks go to our hard-working forums admin Jason Eberwein for pulling this archive together!)

Dreamweaver Reference Panel

I’ve been doing a lot of CSS/ColdFusion development on my laptop lately, and find myself using Dreamweaver’s built-in reference panel far more than I had previously. A question for the blogosphere- are you using this feature in Dreamweaver on a day-to-day basis? If so, what are your impressions? Please leave a comment if so, I’m interested to hear what your experiences have been. I can definitely say that I do love not having to tote my O’Reilly books around as much… ;-)

Flash Lite Macrochat tomorrow

Great Macrochat tomorrow on the fundamentals of Flash Lite development by Giorgio Natili, manager of the Macromedia User Group. The session starts at 1pm EST/10am PST, just bang the link to pre-register in advance (limit is 200 attendees, however). The focus of Giorgio’s Macrochat will be around FL development fundamentals and mobile application usability issues, more specifics to be found at the registration link of course. Enjoy!

Alan Musselman hits the blogosphere

Our resident Fireworks guru Alan Musselman just got his official weblog up and running- definitely one to watch if you’re a Studio developer (although he may not be in the aggregators just yet). Alan’s a veritable wellspring of tips/tricks/hints/techniques for Fireworks- so if you’re a hardcore FW user this is definitely one to add to your blogroll, and if FW mostly sits dormant on your hard drive- well… bookmark his ‘blog anyway, as he’ll provide plenty ‘o reasons to put those idle bits to use. ;)

Welcome , Alan!

FlashLite 1.1 Reference Sheet

Nice freebie for mobile Flash developers by Scott Janousek- the unofficial FlashLite 1.1 Reference Sheet. A handy PDF-based aggregation of syntax reference, best practices, links of worth, tips and tricks, et al for the FlashLite developer- it prints out into a handy ‘onesheet’ format for keeping alongside your workstation. Nice!

My turn with the meme baton…

You’ve probably seen the ‘blog meme going around lately- the ‘Musical Baton’. Well, although I stayed clear for a while, I just got the baton passed to me by Stephanie Sullivan. And so… here’s my answers:

Total Volume (of my MP3 library): 42.7 GB

Last CD Bought: Death Cab for Cutie – “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes”
(had to complete my collection!)

Song Playing Right Now:
“The Grouch” – Green Day

Five Songs I Listen To a Lot:
(representative of today’s mood, this list changes daily and I usually listen to random selections…)

– “Hokkaido”- Amon Tobin
– “Wake Up”- The Arcade Fire
– “Black Market”- Weather Report
– “Los Vargos”- Green Apple Quickstep
– “Urban Struggle”- The Vandals

Five People to Whom I�m Passing the Baton:
(sorry, folks!)

Ian Gilman
Christian Cantrell
Wendy Guthrie
Dominic Sagolla
Sean Corfield

IBM Gets Transparent…

… according to this post by IBM blogger/technologist James Snell, they’re officially encouraging their 320k+ worldwide employees to both get a blog – and use it regularly. Check out James’ post for more details, as well as a link (PDF) to their corporate blogging policy. Good stuff, I’m always interested in seeing policies of transparent communication supported by larger companies, and how well these efforts are received by their customers. Call it personal interest or strategic curiosity, either point is valid… ;-)