Alan Musselman hits the blogosphere

Our resident Fireworks guru Alan Musselman just got his official weblog up and running- definitely one to watch if you’re a Studio developer (although he may not be in the aggregators just yet). Alan’s a veritable wellspring of tips/tricks/hints/techniques for Fireworks- so if you’re a hardcore FW user this is definitely one to add to your blogroll, and if FW mostly sits dormant on your hard drive- well… bookmark his ‘blog anyway, as he’ll provide plenty ‘o reasons to put those idle bits to use. ;)

Welcome , Alan!

2 Responses to Alan Musselman hits the blogosphere

  1. Hey thx Scott!Hopefully I can leave the house…er…the internet after I get into blogging. :)

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    N/P!And you should have no worries- get hooked up to moblog from your cellphone and you can obsess over your ‘blog from anyware… even MXNA works great on phones now ;-)