Fontographer News

A bit of breaking news for old-school Fontographer users: Fontlab, LTD is now the exclusive distributor of Macromedia Fontographer. You can read more details on this directly from Fontlab at the link below, including a statement on their plans for future Fontographer development on XP/OSX platforms (yes, you heard right!!):

Fontlab, LTD-

Typography and font freaks, you may commence rejoicing now. :)

3 Responses to Fontographer News

  1. I thought maybe would later be integrated into AI, or Fonfolio after possible aquisition. Always wondered why this didn’t come with FH. :P

  2. zeh says:

    I don’t agree much with the rejoice.. Fontlab is just a superior tool. It’s weird they’d buy AND update Fontographer. I wonder what they’re trying to achieve…Chris, font creation is a highly technical work.. and it’s actually some massive work most of the times – 10% of the work is drawing the font, and most of this is done outside of any vector drawing program anyways. The rest of the time is done with hinting and kerning (and opentype coding nowadays) and it’s so out of the normal vector editing context that implementing anything like that into AI/FH seems highly bizarre.(Yes, CorelDRAW have had that – font exporting – for ages. But then again, it’s coreldraw, and it’s far being able to create even an amateur font).

  3. Scott Fegette says:

    Well sure- I suppose the choice of Fontlab vs. Fontographer comes down to a personal preference (not helped by Fontographer’s lack of updates/OS support over time)- I feel a bit differently re: Fontlab, and wouldn’t be using it at all if Fontographer ran on my Panther/Tiger machines. Speaking strictly from a Macromedia perspective- if I had a dime every time I’ve run into a Fontlab customer who subsequently bent my ear every which way about Fontographer’s apparent stagnation driving them to other products, I’d probably not need the day job… (not to knock Fontlab at all, of course- which is a great tool indeed, this is just a matter of preference and observations on my part). ;-)OTOH, I completely agree on a personal level about NOT integrating font creation workflow into vector drawing apps- much of the workflow for font creation (as you’ve well stated, zeh) is specifically around font metrics and not font outlines, so I personally prefer keeping font creation work in a dedicated app and my illustration workflow separate.No comment on CorelDRAW, of course… haven’t really used it- and currently have no need to. ;)