I’ve been Flicked…

… in this week’s edition of CMX Suite (courtesy of illustrator-extraordinaire Chris Flick, of course). Classic! For the record, there’s only one subject I’ve got lockjaw over these days, on just about every other topic I’ll talk your ear off, given the chance. (and my regular perma-grin is both an unfortunate genetic defect I’ve learned to live with, and fair commentary to my recent state of mind…) ;-)

That being said, I really did have a blast at TODCon last week, my sincerest thanks to both the Community MX crew (a specific tip of the hat to Ray West and his impeccable skills as master-of-ceremonies/host), and the countless other attendees, hosts and presenters that made it such a smash. I can only hope all the after-hours pictures taken in Vegas don’t incriminate me as accurately as Chris’s poison pen already has… looking forward to next year’s event!

5 Responses to I’ve been Flicked…

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Scott,Thanks for the great compliments! It’s always a real thrill getting a chance to put a wacky spin on people I enjoy being around – and it was a great thrill meeting and talking to you throughout TODCon!Looking forward to seeing you next year!-Chris

  2. I hear he’s slandering me and Molly in next week’s strip. ;) Such is the joyous life of a cartoonist. LOLAnd btw, your permagrin works… you wouldn’t be the same without it. ;)

  3. Sheri German says:

    The dynamic duo is looking pretty good here:http://www.swanilda.com/todcon_gallery/pages/scott_christian.html

  4. Scott Fegette says:

    Hey, those pictures are great, Sheri- thanks for the pointer!(just catching up on my webweavers mail, too)

  5. Tom Beidler says:

    Hey Scott, minor blast from the MetaPast. How’s it going? Sounds like you’re doing good. Shoot me an email when you got time.