My turn with the meme baton…

You’ve probably seen the ‘blog meme going around lately- the ‘Musical Baton’. Well, although I stayed clear for a while, I just got the baton passed to me by Stephanie Sullivan. And so… here’s my answers:

Total Volume (of my MP3 library): 42.7 GB

Last CD Bought: Death Cab for Cutie – “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes”
(had to complete my collection!)

Song Playing Right Now:
“The Grouch” – Green Day

Five Songs I Listen To a Lot:
(representative of today’s mood, this list changes daily and I usually listen to random selections…)

– “Hokkaido”- Amon Tobin
– “Wake Up”- The Arcade Fire
– “Black Market”- Weather Report
– “Los Vargos”- Green Apple Quickstep
– “Urban Struggle”- The Vandals

Five People to Whom I�m Passing the Baton:
(sorry, folks!)

Ian Gilman
Christian Cantrell
Wendy Guthrie
Dominic Sagolla
Sean Corfield

4 Responses to My turn with the meme baton…

  1. Scott Fegette says:

    Nice, Sean- I haven’t cracked open an ELO album since the early 80s! :)p.s. – I just got hit a few more times with the baton, and have to briefly apologize for my own part in spreading this social virus… I hate chain letters, but really love music. My bad. ;)

  2. Wendy says:

    i never supported a meme before, and while i filled in most of the blanks…i didn’t pass it along. does that mean i’m a party pooper?

  3. Scott Fegette says:

    That’s cool, Wendell- just seeing what’s on your ipod is enough for me… :)