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The New York Times’ James Fallow ran a piece yesterday on Rich Internet Apps, which I found good as a market summary but somewhat uneven on the specifics. Although he claimed Adaptive Path’s Jesse James Garret coined the term ‘AJAX’ for the combination of client-side javascript and XML for asynchronous page updates, Fallow also associates the term ‘AJAX’ rather erroneously with the larger, technology-agnostic ‘Rich Internet Applications’ label and discussion- which does not necessarily suggest a method of delivery, outside of shucking the traditional request/response cycle of old-school web applications. I personally feel it’s dangerous to be equating AJAX (or Flash/Flex, for that matter) as a definitive technology for enabling said ‘Rich Experiences’ online- but outside of that nitpicking, a good read nonetheless for all the high-level points (thanks to Simon Horwith’s blog for the pointer).

Contribute + Blogs?

Just heard from Deeje Cooley over on the Contribute team that they’re putting together a Blog Authoring Advisory Council to candidly discuss potential directions for Contribute with blogging applications and/or frameworks. Interested or just plain curious? If so, please follow the link and let Deeje know directly!

Fontographer News

A bit of breaking news for old-school Fontographer users: Fontlab, LTD is now the exclusive distributor of Macromedia Fontographer. You can read more details on this directly from Fontlab at the link below, including a statement on their plans for future Fontographer development on XP/OSX platforms (yes, you heard right!!):

Fontlab, LTD-

Typography and font freaks, you may commence rejoicing now. :)

I’ve been Flicked…

… in this week’s edition of CMX Suite (courtesy of illustrator-extraordinaire Chris Flick, of course). Classic! For the record, there’s only one subject I’ve got lockjaw over these days, on just about every other topic I’ll talk your ear off, given the chance. (and my regular perma-grin is both an unfortunate genetic defect I’ve learned to live with, and fair commentary to my recent state of mind…) ;-)

That being said, I really did have a blast at TODCon last week, my sincerest thanks to both the Community MX crew (a specific tip of the hat to Ray West and his impeccable skills as master-of-ceremonies/host), and the countless other attendees, hosts and presenters that made it such a smash. I can only hope all the after-hours pictures taken in Vegas don’t incriminate me as accurately as Chris’s poison pen already has… looking forward to next year’s event!

PSP Accessories

I’ve had a PSP for a week or so now, and am somewhat surprised at how quickly it integrated into my synching/media workflows- especially on the Mac platform (which hasn’t always benefitted from Sony’s proprietary media handling and PC bias). However, it certainly wasn’t turnkey out of the box. Although I do love the PSP games (Lumines, Untold Legends and Wipeout:Pure being my faves), the media capabilities of the PSP are what I really get excited about. I do lots of side work on video clips (compositing/fx/motion graphics) and being able to tote around proofs/comps of work in progress is priceless. Christian Cantrell had asked me what accessories I’d consider must-haves, so here’s a rundown of what I’d recommend for first-time PSP users (bias towards Macs as that’s what I use the most, of course):

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