PSP Accessories

I’ve had a PSP for a week or so now, and am somewhat surprised at how quickly it integrated into my synching/media workflows- especially on the Mac platform (which hasn’t always benefitted from Sony’s proprietary media handling and PC bias). However, it certainly wasn’t turnkey out of the box. Although I do love the PSP games (Lumines, Untold Legends and Wipeout:Pure being my faves), the media capabilities of the PSP are what I really get excited about. I do lots of side work on video clips (compositing/fx/motion graphics) and being able to tote around proofs/comps of work in progress is priceless. Christian Cantrell had asked me what accessories I’d consider must-haves, so here’s a rundown of what I’d recommend for first-time PSP users (bias towards Macs as that’s what I use the most, of course):

  • At least one larger Memory Stick Duo- recommend at least a 512 or 1gb stick if you carry a lot of video, pictures and MP3s.
  • A good case (the soft sleeve that comes stock isn’t much protection), the Logitech PlayGear Pocket is a great combo cover/flip stand/glare shield. Don’t get the Intec Aluminum case- it looks really cool but is poorly-dimensioned to hold the unit right and keep it safe. Pretty poor construction, actually.
  • For Macs: Nullriver Software’s PSPWare– converts movie clips to PSP/MP4 format intuitively and allows slick synching of selected playlists/albums in iTunes and iPhoto. Indispensible, a must have.
  • For PCs: PSP Video 9 (how did they get to v9 so quickly?)- converts movie clips to PSP format very well (you’re on your own for photos/music, though).
  • XLink Kai, a great global network gaming bridge. Only supported on Macs with an Airport Extreme card (much wider support for PC-based wireless cards), and well worth the effort to hook up and configure. Otherwise you can only play PSP games with people close to you in meatspace- this basically opens up the floodgates to anyone anywhere (and supports PS2, XBox and GameCubes too!).

Hope these recommendations help if you’re just thinking about diving into the wonderful world of PSPs afresh. My gamertag/nick on both XLink KAI and XBox Live is ‘ihatei’, so drop me a note if/when you’re online and wanna play…