Big News Monday

Happy Monday- Flash is a platform, open source IDEs are cool, and we’ve all got some reading to do. The Flash Platform was announced earlier this morning (actually late last evening), putting larger context around the ecosystem surrounding the Flash Player and it’s assorted technologies. Make sure to read Kevin Lynch’s Flash Platform white paper (pdf, 1.55mb) for the straight story, as well as two press releases on how the mobile ecosystem and broadband telecom providers will leverage the Flash Platform.

To follow up, Macromedia also announced joining the Eclipse Foundation– while announcing a new RIA/Flex application development environment (code-named ‘Zorn’) built on the popular Eclipse IDE’s architecture. Make sure to check out the Zorn FAQ points hidden down in the Flex FAQ on, too. I see this as a very positive move for Macromedia developers in general, many of whom have already adopted the platform due to it’s robust support, most notably CFEclipse. For the scores of enterprise RIA developers out there, Eclipse support spells a far more standard development environment across the technology they support. Good stuff.

And all this on a day where everyone seems to be talking about what chip the Mac OS will end up running on. Don’t worry, the WWDC keynote is coming soon enough with the definitive answer to that question.