Podcasting plug-in for Movable Type

If the recent podcasting hype has you wondering how to dive in on a do-it-yourself level, here’s a link you may be interested in- Brandon Fuller’s ‘MT-Enclosures’ plug-in for Movable Type, updated within the last week. Installation is straightforward, but you will need to have Perl 5.8.5 or greater, Movable Type 2.x or 3.x, and the “Storable” Perl module installed on your server. Also, note that this plug-in does not work with dynamic MT pages, only static pages (check your current setting in the ‘Templates’ section of your Movable Type administrator). I haven’t deployed it yet – just setting it up on my staging server – but it looks pretty solid for getting your ‘blog framework tuned up to accept podcast/audioblog content.

If you’ve got on-the-street experience with this plug-in, then by all means bang out a comment below and let me know your opinions… thx!

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