Recursive Browsing?

Maybe I’m just being short-sighted today, but other than being a rather nifty widget, is there really a practical use for Bitty Browser? I suppose for browsing RSS feeds inline it could be handy, but honestly I’d probably just aggregate ’em myself and maintain control over the design/experience. Coming strictly from a user experience perspective, I’m not sure why I’d want to enable ‘browsing within browsing’ like this on projects, but will admit it’s a nifty and well-done little mini-browser for those so inclined. ;-)

4 Responses to Recursive Browsing?

  1. This might be a good candidate for This is Broken. Though, in this case, it’s the idea that’s broken. Did you notice that one of the options is to stick the Bitty browser into a popup window? Why on Earth would you want to launch a popup window with a fake browser inside of it when your original browser has the same controls and more options?Looks like a solution in desperate need of a problem. :)

  2. jon says:

    The comment located at to a link that points to a spam blog. The link “This is Broken” points to a spam blog.

  3. Celina says:

    The broken is a spam blog

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, looks like another domain gone horribly wrong and fallen in the hands of the linkspammers. I’ve removed the link but left the original comment (as I can certainly vouch for his authenticity, know Robert well).