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Mothball Alert

(low priority) I’ve been pretty nose-down working lately the last few weeks (helping w/the Developer Relations Podcasts and some other super-double-secret internal projects), so haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like, my apologies. I’m also out for vacation this evening thru 8/3, so the prospects of posting in the next few days is also nil. No worries, tho- I’ll be back clogging up your favorite aggregator in about a week. Seeya then!

Quick Facelift

I’m working on a slightly more involved redesign of my ‘blogs on the side thru the next week or two, but decided to push up an interim version today to get rid of my old ‘default pumpkin’ MT template first. I proofed reasonably well in the key browsers/platforms (although it’s not a particularly evolved layout), so if you see any weirdness in your particular browser/version/platform please be sure to drop a comment here so I can fix it as I move forward. Thx!

Contribute, Bloggers and an iPod

Do you blog regularly? When posting, do you wish you had more options than just a textarea and a cursor? If so (and you’ve got a few minutes of free time you can lend), the Contribute team would love to get more of your feedback on your ‘blogging habits/best practices/opinions via an online survey here:

Drop in and make your voice heard- and for added incentive, you’ll be in the running to win an iPod for taking the time. Heck of a deal! Content Highlights

While I’ve been nose-down the last few days, quite a bit of new content was released on you might be interested in checking out. First up, the Developer Center just updated with a slew of new articles worth reading, including:

Also, make sure to check out the Captivate product site on which just won the Training 2005 Conference and Expo Software Simulation shootout. If you’re not familiar with Captivate at all, make sure to look over the ‘Captivate in Action’ section and it’s demostration/simulation examples. Powerful stuff.

Tagging and Relevancy

I was reading this great article by Thomas Vander Wal on the recent boom of tagging content, and it got me thinking about my own opinions on metadata, classifications, taxonomies and content relevancy in general.

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Lynchian Weather (OT)

If you’re located in the LA area, take a moment to enjoy legendary director David Lynch giving you the local weather each day. It’s not really a web app (in fact just a QuickTime movie link), and I don’t live in LA anymore- but I must admit I’ll still probably check it out daily- just in case he breaks out an oxygen mask. Only thing missing is an eerie Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack droning in the background, if you ask me. :)
(stumbled upon via Xeni Jardin’s post at Boing Boing)

The JXL Chasm

Quick 24-hour rewind- JD and I were chuckling over this graphic from a recent corporate blogging survey published by Backbone Media yesterday in the MACR lunchroom, and JD ‘blogged our initial reactions shortly thereafter, lamenting a lack of witty captions to add to said graphic. Flash meister Jesse Warden picked up that fleeting comment in record time and ran with it – check out his remix of said graphic here. Classic! Thanks for those 4 hours, Jester- made my Friday. ;-)