Quick Facelift

I’m working on a slightly more involved redesign of my ‘blogs on the side thru the next week or two, but decided to push up an interim version today to get rid of my old ‘default pumpkin’ MT template first. I proofed reasonably well in the key browsers/platforms (although it’s not a particularly evolved layout), so if you see any weirdness in your particular browser/version/platform please be sure to drop a comment here so I can fix it as I move forward. Thx!

5 Responses to Quick Facelift

  1. Cool header – $100 says it was done in Fireworks. Hehe. ;) Where’d you get the broilerplate texture?I dig the ripped blue bg-img, I really need to go hunt for some killer repeating bg-img’s, I’m running out. :P

  2. *WHOOPS* I meant “ribbed”, not ripped (bg-img).

  3. Thanks, Chris!You’d win that bet, of course- Fireworks it was. ;-) The boilerplate/metallic texture is actually one of the default FW textures, and the bg img is just a dark blue square with two light/dark strokes for the corrugated ridges- repeated ad-infinitum. Feel free to steal and edit/improve/reuse at will!

  4. Goose says:

    Here’s a good site for repeating bg images.Squidfingers

  5. Jake says:

    Dig the new skin!