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FOTD 18: Fireworks 8 – All the Small Things

Fireworks 8 has a lot of small tweaks, changes and updates that to me, aren’t necessarily big enough for a dedicated feature – so for today’s FOTD I wanted to cover a bunch of small tweaks that collectively make for a much, much more flexible imaging tool. There’s a lot to cover (and this post won’t even get close to covering them all), so let’s get started!

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FOTD 17: Flash 8 – Fireworks Import

I do a lot of asset generation in Fireworks, and often these assets are headed towards Flash. In Studio MX 2004, there were a few hitches in that workflow, primarily in that any blend modes and effects needed to be rasterized, and vector paths from Fireworks always showed up in Flash as grouped objects. If you follow a similar workflow, you’ll be glad to hear that things have shored up here quite a bit in Flash 8.

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FOTD 16: Dreamweaver 8 – Unified CSS Panel

Although Dreamweaver MX 2004 made signficant improvements to the way CSS styles were handled in development, there were still some parts of the overall CSS workflow that were a bit awkward. In order to get the most mileage out of Dreamweaver with CSS layouts, you needed to devote a whopping amount of real-estate to the associated panels- CSS Styles and Relevant CSS. And unfortunately, the former panel was buried within the ‘Design’ panel set, and the latter wasn’t even listed in the Window menu! Dreamweaver 8 to the rescue- both panels have been combined into a single, unified CSS panel that serves as a centralized control panel for working with CSS layouts. Shall we explore?

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MAX 2005 – new sessions, discount ending

In case you didn’t notice, several new sessions were recently added to the MAX track schedule based on popular demand (for example, I’ll be presenting on Flash Video and Dreamweaver). You can find more details at the MAX home page linked below- note that today (8/26/05) is the last day you can register at a $200 discount:

FOTD 15: Flash 8 – Enhanced Gradients

In Tuesday’s FOTD we looked at some key updates to strokes in Flash 8, and today we’re going to look at some similar (and equally helpful) updates to gradients that will give you a lot more options in your fills. Let’s dive a little deeper.

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FOTD 14: Dreamweaver 8 – Flash Video

UPDATE: I’ve seen many referring to this post after 2010 in regards to technical support/usage issues. ¬†Please note that this post was published in August, 2005 in support of Dreamweaver 8, which is currently 4 versions old and not officially supported anymore. Comments are being closed, so as to not confuse this historical post with current, supported versions of Dreamweaver and video functionality within. ¬†Apologies for any confusion.

In an earlier FOTD, we looked at the workflow for importing and converting Flash Video in Flash 8, and today, we’re going to look at how you can use the resulting FLV files in your Dreamweaver 8 sites using the new Insert Flash Video feature. Well, it’s not an entirely new feature, as the Insert Flash Video command/feature was known in the MX 2004 era as part of the Macromedia Video Kit – a separate product/purchase- but it’s now rolled into the product as a full-fledged, official (and also updated) feature of Dreamweaver 8. Time to explore- let’s dive in.

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FOTD 13: Fireworks 8 – Image Editing Panel

Fireworks 8 got some very nice updates this release, and several of them are in the form of new SWF-based panels that either extend, or consolidate groups of functionality in Fireworks around key tasks. Today I’m going to shine a flashlight on the new Image Editing Panel in Fireworks 8- which is basically a handy centralized location for all the functions you’ll need the most when editing digital photos, design comps and other bitmap images. Let’s take a look.

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FOTD 12: Flash 8 – Enhanced Strokes

Flash has made some significant strides to become more expressive with version 8, and both today and Friday’s FOTD will look at two specific features in this category- todays focus on updates to Strokes that should make Flash 8 much more flexible in the design department.
(Note- these enhanced stroke features are only available when publishing to Flash Player 8.)

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FOTD 11: Dreamweaver & Flash 8 – Mac Tabs

This will definitely be a quicker FOTD post than Friday’s- but for those on the Mac platform, quite likely a long-awaited one. Tabbed documents are now available on OS X, in both Dreamweaver 8 and Flash 8! That’s right- it’s not a Windows-only UI convention anymore- and should help out immensely in managing your Dreamweaver and Flash workspaces.

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FOTD 10: Flash 8 – Custom Easing

This feature of Flash 8 is a personal favorite of mine- as I’ve never been a fan of ‘percentage-based’ easing when animating in Flash, and always wished I had a more control than just a ‘10% ease-out’ or a ‘5% ease-in’ in Flash MX 2004 and earlier. Patience pays off, however- Flash 8 features a new Custom Easing panel that, to be quite blunt, rocks quite hard indeed.

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