Flash 8’s Undo behavior

I know I already posted a FOTD today- so consider this a bonus. Simply put- in Flash 8 you can select, as a global preference, either document-level undo (introduced in MX 2004) as well as good ‘ol object-level undo. If you preferred the old Flash MX (and earlier) style, where there was an undo queue maintained for each symbol, well- it’s back (object-level undo). If you got comfortable with the newer Flash MX 2004 style of document-level undos – well, it’s still there too. Preferences > General Tab is where the pref is located now- pick one and run, y’all. Tres cool.

5 Responses to Flash 8’s Undo behavior

  1. Oh, I really like that snapback feature of the zoom slider.

  2. Jack Smith says:

    I don’t really understand the differences fully. Could you explain them in a bit more depth for me please?I just do ctrl+z and keep pushing it until it undoes the change I want, don’t really know what its doing!

  3. felix_man says:

    Chris,With document level undo, it works just like photoshop or most any other app, it just steps back through the actions you have done in order.With Object level undo, the undo steps are per item. for instance if you have a square movie clip on the stage and a circle movie clip on the stage, then you open the square and change its color, then you open the circle movie clip and change the size, you can now undo each of those actions just by opening the specific clip and hitting undo seperate from each other, i.e. if you open the square MC again and hit undo it will undo the square change and not the circle change, and if you open the circle and hit undo it will only undo the change in the circle.. I have missed this very much!hope that helpsFelix_man

  4. mauricio giraldo says:

    Jack, you had to have used Flash MX or previous to tell the difference. In short: Flash MX undo rocked ’cause you had an undo for each symbol/object. For instance: you altered Symbol 1 (added a shape or something). You then worked on other symbols for a while and coded something. You could return to Symbol 1 and do Ctrl + Z and voilá, the shape is gone. It was pretty nice.Not sure if the example is clear enough.

  5. Thanks, guys- and yep, that’s pretty much the difference between the two undo modes. I didn’t add much description in the quick post as I knew anyone who was affected by the change in MX 2004 would know EXACTLY what I was talking about here- it was a very hot topic after the Flash MX 2004 launch. ;-)