Dreamweaver 8 – Template Path Changes

Stephanie Sullivan posted a great overview of recent changes in Dreamweaver 8 Templates you’ll want to read through, specifically if you’re noticing that template-based links to external files are getting transformed incorrectly when updating ‘child’ content. In a nutshell, you’ll need to use either template expressions or template parameters to avoid having your link paths rewritten (note that this is primarily due to the fact that DW MX and DWMX 2004 were very lax in how paths like this were handled when publishing/updating template-driven content, and the fix in DW8 will certainly affect anyone who was relying on the prior behavior). Check out Steph’s post at the link above for more details, as well as a similar post at Jesse Rodgers’ blog, great info to have on hand if you’ve leveraged templates heavily in your sites.