Dreamweaver Snippets- Import/Export Extension

Dreamweaver extension developer extraordinaire Massimo Foti has just released a new extension, which allows you to quickly and easily import and export your Dreamweaver snippets directly from the Snippets panel. As there’s no out-of-the-box way to manage your custom code snippets in Dreamweaver save manually copying files out of your DW configuration directory, Massimo’s extension is a very welcome addition, and a very slick and convenient way to manage Dreamweaver snippets in general. You can download the MXP extension file directly at Massimo’s website, make sure to send him a good word if you find it handy. Nice!

13 Responses to Dreamweaver Snippets- Import/Export Extension

  1. Jessica says:

    Like the new feature for Dreamwever just got done downloading it now I am off to play with it. Thanks for posting the link to this great short cut.

  2. Steve says:

    Sure will be a huge timesaver for those of use workingon multiple projects! Thanks for the link to massimo, found a goof java script book there!

  3. Mike says:

    I ve been waiting for a feature like this to come out for Dreamweaver. No doubt a great job and by Massimo Foti.

  4. Thanks for posting the download link. I like what I see so far with this new extension.I ll make sure to send him props for this handy code!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Really great extension I enjoy finally being able export my snippets from Dreamweaver.

  6. len says:

    Thanks for the snippet programm.Nice

  7. shiva says:

    Hi allI have good knowledge with dreamweaver, been using it for years, but this problem I have just found, well I cant figure it out.Basically, I cant change the font type no more, I cant change the color no more, I cant change size, and I really cant figure it out, even if a style has 36 size, it doesnt move the actual text I have selected. Proberbly a simple solution so I help others can help me out.shiva

  8. Hi, Shiva-Are you trying to edit a template? That’s the only way (save a broken installation of the application) I can see getting restricted from editing text objects in DW. If not, you should probably ask on the DW support forums (sorry, I don’t have much time to debug individual setups these days!):http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/index.cfm?forumid=12(Tons of good folk there who may have additional suggestions, as well as Adobe staff and Community Experts- hope that helps out!)

  9. shyam kuma says:

    how to use DIV tags through css

  10. Depends on what you want to do, Shyam.I’d suggest reading through some basic CSS tutorials, as styling DIV tags through CSS is a pretty fundamental question. Here’s a couple for starters:http://www.w3schools.com/css/http://css-discuss.incutio.com/

  11. HipHopMakers says:

    Great tool. thanks

  12. Susan Moulton says:

    I guess this doesn’t work in DW CS5.5. I will try other versions. Error message is: “Unable to create directory: file:

  13. Howard Walker says:

    I agree with Susan. The import/export extension does not work in CS5.5.
    Best to back up all your snips in a text file. Then you can copy them back into your new snippets panel, after Dreamweaver has crashed, which is a fairly regular experience.
    If you forgot to make a backup, open your old configuration file snippets folder and click on the csn files one at a time. Set Dreamweaver to open the file and your snippet will be revealed. Then you can copy the snippet to your new panel. Can take ages if you have a lot of snippets.