Flash 8 – Updated Remoting Components

In case you haven’t noticed already, the Flash Remoting component was updated yesterday to Flash 8 compatibility- and is now on the Macromedia web site for immediate download/installation. Make sure to read the release notes for specifics, of course. Alongside the Remoting connector itself, the installer will also include the NetConnection Debugger, support and help files for Flash 8 (i.e. updates to the Help panel in Flash 8), as well as AS2 API class source code. If you were wondering where the Remoting component was in the default Flash 8 install… wonder no more. :)

2 Responses to Flash 8 – Updated Remoting Components

  1. Jason McIntosh says:

    Question regarding the Flash 8 remoting components. I just installed them on my mac for flash 8. Unlike Flash MX you don’t get a remoting template with your install. You get the RemotingConnector in your components. Does this replace the template from Flash MX. Do you put multiple connectors in your flash if you need multiple services? Thanks for any info.

  2. Hi, Jason-Sorry I’m just seeing this! Yes, you just drag in a connector for each service you need to bind to in Flash 8. No need for a ‘template’ anymore as in FMX. HTH!