FOTD 25: Studio 8 – Good Clean Family Fun

Well, as you may have guessed by the title, Studio 8 just jumped free from it’s crib- and is available now for poking, prodding and general fun up on Which means I can stop teasing you about it with these ‘feature of the day’ postings- and you can start showing us all what can be DONE WITH IT.

You can get all the shiny links and info from here:

And don’t forget all the new Developer Center content:

So alas, my 24-post FOTD series also comes to its close, but I’m certainly open to doing more – on a slightly relaxed schedule of course – if there’s interest. What do YOU want to know more about in Studio 8 and it’s products? Bang out a comment and let me know- and don’t stay up too late playing with all the new toys… ;-)